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Maravilloso Corte Princesa Plata de Ley 925 Zafiro Blanco Anillo de Compromiso de las Mujeres

Our Price: $1,760.56
Retail Price: $3,608.27
Spring Sale Price: $1,760.56
Ahorro:$2,771.76 (62%)

Dia de Muertos $1408.45 con código. 30% de descuento más de $3000, Usar código: S30


Izquierdo 18

Special Price $1,760.56

Retail Price: $3,608.27

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Información del Anillo
Metal de color Plata
Tipo de Metal S925 Plata
Recipiente Para Tia,Para Madre,Para la Abuela
Estilo de Anillos Piedras Laterales,Zirconia Cúbica
Quilate de Piedra 4.5 a 5.0 quilates
Peso del Paquete (g) 50.0000
Ancho 4.06 mm
Peso 9.50 Grams
Rhodium Yes. Give Platinum appearance.
Cinco Centavos Gratis
De acuerdo a la información
Forma de Piedra Corte Princesa
Tipo de Piedra Zafiro Blanco
Color de Piedra Zafiro Blanco
Corte de Piedras Laterales Corte Redondo,Corte Princesa
Tamaño de Piedra Lateral 1.5-2.5 mm
Tamaño de Piedra Principal 3.5*3.5 mm
Peso de Piedras Principales 1.07 CT
Peso Total de Piedra 4.51 CT
Peso de Piedras Laterales 3.64 CT
Número de Piedras Principales 4
Cantidad de Piedras Secundarias 54
Servicio Personalizado de Joyería Lajerrio

El servicio personalizado de este artículo está disponible, comuníquese con nuestro servicio al cliente para realizar pedidos. Tenga en cuenta que: el cambio del color de la piedra y el color del enchapado está disponible, mientras que el material de las piedras preciosas y el metal no se puede aceptar.

Proceso de Fabricación de Joyas Lajerrio

Lajerrio Jewelry Making Process

Calidad Verificada Por la Institución Internacional SGS

SGS: La compañía multinacional de control de calidad e identificación de productos más grande y antigua del mundo.

Resultados del Informe de Prueba: 1. Plata(Ag): 935.7‰  2. Lanzamiento de Níquel: Pase

Opiniones de los usuarios: Deje su comentario

Revisión por Luma Sedrak (Publicado en 15/08/2020)
¡Los anillos son hermosos! Se ve aún mejor en persona. El servicio al cliente fue excelente. Estoy muy feliz con mi compra.
Revisión por Rice (Publicado en 24/04/2020)
I was dreaming of wearing this ring for a long time, so when I found it on this website, I was so excited. It was exactly what I wanted! Affordable price, and also, huge plus is Lajerrio make it with my size (US size 4)! Can’t be happier.
Revisión por Summer (Publicado en 24/09/2019)
I ordered this as a replace since I lost my original 2 Ct ring that is very similar... I was very optimistic but boy was I wrong.. Ring came quickly and looks almost as good as my real one.
Revisión por Amber Godfrey (Publicado en 04/05/2019)
Got my ring I am amazed and in awe! Its absolutely gorgeous stunning simply elegant n beautiful way better than first wedding ring n my first one was real but It disappeared .. but this has me speechless . Very shiny sparkly .. great customer service ..
Revisión por Alicia Harris (Publicado en 28/03/2019)
Love it
Revisión por Yvonne H (Publicado en 14/03/2019)
I got this ring 2 weeks after I place order and that was with expedited shipping($20). I could of waited another 2 weeks but I just wanted it already. I had no problem receiving my ring. I totally love it, my husbands loves it and I’m always getting people asking the price of the ring lol. I will be purchasing more rings from Lajerrio they’re quality is amazing and the ring shines like crazy! I’ve purchase in other stores and this is by far the best quality rings and diamonds look the realest. They have awesome customer service too! They will respond with any questions and concerns. Thank you Lajerrio!
Revisión por Yvonne H (Publicado en 14/03/2019)
I got this ring 2 weeks after I place order and that was with expedited shipping($20). I could of waited another 2 weeks but I just wanted it already. I had no problem receiving my ring. I totally love it, my husbands loves it and I’m always getting people asking the price of the ring lol. I will be purchasing more rings from Lajerrio they’re quality is amazing and the ring shines like crazy! I’ve purchase in other stores and this is by far the best quality rings and diamonds look the realest. They have awesome customer service too! They will respond with any questions and concerns. Thank you Lajerrio!
Revisión por Susan Rico (Publicado en 07/03/2019)
I received it. Gorgeous!!!
Revisión por Meagan Hill (Publicado en 13/02/2019)
Absolute perfect I loooooove my ring.
Revisión por Meagan Hill (Publicado en 12/02/2019)
Absolute perfect I loooooove my ring.
Revisión por Bianca Estrada (Publicado en 05/02/2019)
I love my ring it’s beautiful..
Revisión por Tressa Waters (Publicado en 19/09/2018)
I received my ring today BEAUTIFUL!!!
Revisión por Condy (Publicado en 30/08/2018)
I do not have it but will love to get it
Revisión por Valeria Fernandez (Publicado en 29/08/2018)
Beautiful ring! Looks very well made and delicate. Love it!
Revisión por Michelle Geisinger-Johnson (Publicado en 27/08/2018)
Love mine!!!!!
Revisión por Natasha Hoey (Publicado en 16/06/2018)
Shipping takes a little long due to the distance but it's worth the wait!
Revisión por Judy Lewis (Publicado en 10/06/2018)
I I got my ring yesterday i love it i got a lot of compliments
Revisión por Wynter Herring (Publicado en 04/06/2018)
Shipped on time and had no other problems. I would highly recommend!
Revisión por Jojo (Publicado en 23/05/2018)
I know I’m so extra ...
Revisión por JoJo (Publicado en 22/05/2018)
I’m beyond happy to get my rings ... I know you all thinking i am so extra heheh but I am happy with all my purchase highly recommended
I always have a lot of compliments on my rings loved it
Revisión por Irene Amankwah (Publicado en 15/04/2018)
Sooooo worth it!!! Both the Engagement and the band 700644. The best part is that is stays sparkly through out the weeks regardless of activity. Thank you!
Revisión por Kelly (Publicado en 26/03/2018)
What a beautiful ring. I purchased 2 rings and happy with both. Size 7 fits perfectly.... I recommend to anyone to purchase.
Revisión por Charlotte TopNotch Shelton (Publicado en 22/12/2017)
Yes!!!! I'm loving my ring it made it here for chirstmas.
Revisión por Andrea Wilson (Publicado en 09/12/2017)
Beautiful ring, great price- the Seller is very helpful & answers every email. DHL delivered on time.
Revisión por Kilpatrick (Publicado en 20/09/2017)
It was all I could have ever dreamed of, it brought me to tears!!Lajerrio has always put a smile on my face!

Revisión por Alessandra Locca (Publicado en 27/08/2017)
Lovely ring, can definitely recommend them. Beautiful ring. Quick delivery. Love it. I can wear them everyday.
Revisión por Luisa Bokor (Publicado en 15/07/2017)
Very happy with this purchase - would repurchase from this store. Highly recommend!
Revisión por Mz. Fox (Publicado en 02/12/00-1)
I've had my ring over a year now and it still looks like I just took it out of the box. To this day I still get so many compliments on how beautiful my ring is, and I love it!!
Revisión por Michelle Holmes (Publicado en 29/06/2019)
So beautiful. Made a great mother's day gift for mom. Plus I got a ring for myself as well. Really speaks to our styles.
Revisión por carrie steagall (Publicado en 27/06/2019)
Stunning! My gf loves it
Revisión por Amber Godfrey (Publicado en 02/05/2019)
I'm in complete awe of my ring! It looks so real cant even tell its sterling silver ! It looks better than my first ring that I lost that was real gold. I love my ring its beautiful n gorgeous! The package it came in was cute too very professional . It fits perfect will be ordered again
Revisión por Ronnie (Publicado en 22/03/2019)
I love this ring! And the packaging was so impressive! Beautiful box that it came in, I wasn’t expecting that! Gorgeous on my finger, even more beautiful in person!
Revisión por Victoria Williams (Publicado en 21/05/2018)
What a stunner! It took a little over 3 weeks to receive, with expedited shipping. The ring is gorg!
Revisión por Yuly (Publicado en 16/02/2018)
Es un anillo bellisimo me encanto
Revisión por Yuly (Publicado en 15/02/2018)
Me encanto es un anillo bellisimo
Revisión por Lyn (Publicado en 18/01/2018)
Can someone give me their phone #

Revisión por Utalkin2me (Publicado en 16/10/2017)
This ring is absolutely gorgeous. It's on the larger size very 'blingy' but I love it.
Revisión por Jojo (Publicado en 05/10/2017)
The ring is beautiful i do love it ...I'm normally size 7 so i order 6.5 to be a perfect fit but when i got mine the tag as sz.6.5 but it feels like sz 7 so its kinda big wish i ordered sz 6 instead i didnt know that 6.5 is still gonna be lose on my ring finger
Revisión por Sandra (Publicado en 05/10/2017)
Absolutely gorgeous ring. In the sun and in good lighting the sparkle is beyond all expectations. Delivery was a bit slow but definitely worth waiting for in the long run. :-)
Revisión por Sonya (Publicado en 13/06/2017)
Beautiful ring. So happy with it. Just got to hope she says yes!! Thank you so much Lajerrio

Revisión por Moira (Publicado en 11/06/2017)
A great ring. Very pleased with it.

Revisión por Eugenie (Publicado en 06/06/2017)
I love this ring is more than expected...

Revisión por Amber Sparks (Publicado en 05/06/2017)
I love the color of the main stone. It is real shining. Amazing. Shipping is very fast.
Revisión por Sagren (Publicado en 02/06/2017)
Lajerrio made a beautiful ring. Very happy with the whole experience. I plan on finding other things to buy from Lajerrio. Shipped on time also.

Revisión por Magda (Publicado en 02/06/2017)
Perfectly beautiful
Revisión por Xenia (Publicado en 28/05/2017)
This ring came exactly as pictured and is beautiful. The fit is a little bigger than expected but not a huge deal. I love wearing it all the time.

Revisión por Lynn (Publicado en 25/05/2017)
Nice ring but the stones need tightening which is easy to do.

Revisión por Tina (Publicado en 11/06/2017)

Nice, light weight and the engravings are perfect, too. THANK YOU! I love this gift.

Revisión por Seref (Publicado en 05/06/2017)

I'm so glad that I got this ring. It is a great choice!

Revisión por Shelly (Publicado en 03/06/2017)

This ring is gorgeous and just what I was looking for! I wanted a more durable and organic looking wedding ring for work since my original is delicate and I actually popped a diamond off while working. This wonderful piece is perfect! So detailed and unique! Thank you!

Revisión por Elle (Publicado en 01/06/2017)

The ring was beautiful and it arrived right on time. I was very happy with this transaction. Thank you so much!

Revisión por Belly (Publicado en 26/05/2017)

This ring is a good ring and is a highly attractive ring and of high quality,good for people on budget and is worth the price, my gf loves the ring.

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  • Maravilloso Corte Princesa Plata de Ley 925 Zafiro Blanco Anillo de Compromiso de las Mujeres

    Special Price $1,760.56

    Retail Price: $3,608.27